Thomas Tire Sales Offers You More Options For Your Budget!

If you are an Owner/Operator, you have to manage your budget.  Tires are one of the largest expenses you deal with.

One of the big advantages you have with buying tires from Thomas Tire Sales is that we offer new, retread and used tires. By utilizing lower cost retread and used tires with new tires on your drive and trailer tire positions, you can save a lot of money re-outfitting your truck with fresh tread.

Our retreads are of the highest quality available and our slightly used tires have been inspected and reconditioned for continued road use.

If you need new tires, contact us and let's discuss what options may be available to you to reduce your tire cost while providing you with safe ride and meeting DOT regulations.

Please Note: DOT Regulations require only new tires can be installed as Steer tires.  Used and retread tires can only be installed as Drive and Trailer tire. Thomas Tire Sales provides full installation, repair and road service for the tires we sell.